Yellowjacket & Hornet Hive Removal

In Georgia we are privileged to have a wide variety of wildlife. With that, however, comes the many types of stinging insects including: hornets, wasps and honeybees.  Whether the hive is hanging high in a tree or off the roofline, in the ground or in the walls we can help!  We pride ourselves on offering some of the lowest prices that we have found in the industry.

With our hornet nest removal and hornet extermination process we quickly respond to keep you and your family safe!

There are three types of hornet nest or hive removal services: outside & inside.  Outside is any hive as shown below which is visible and simply hanging from a structure or tree.  Inside means the hive is not visible it is inside a structure: wall, soffit box, attic or in the ground.

hornet nest removal


Outside Chemical Free Hive Hornet Nest Removal 

Call us and we will ask you some specifics about the hornet hive such as size, height, location and provide you with a ballpark price range over the phone, sight unseen!  Normally providing same day or next day service.

The service involves complete removal of the hive, the Queen (Foundress) and as many of the stinging insects as possible.  We take it all with us so there is no chance of the Queen vacating and redeveloping the hive elsewhere.  We do not just spray the hive with toxic chemicals leaving it with hope that the pesticide saturates the hive.  That is why we only offer complete removal.

Here is a video, albeit poor quality, which shows why we remove versus spray with chemicals.

 Inside Hive Removal
“Cut-out or Dig-Out”

This is more complicated.  It is our Bee/Hornet Removal Teams job to find the least costly and time-consuming means to remove the hive.  If we are talking about hives within a structure such as a wall or ceiling, oftentimes it is better to access the hive from the inside of the home or building.  Drywall is a lot less expensive for you to repair after we are gone than siding or veneer.  

Our job is to get the hive OUT.  We patch up the hole we have created and leave it to you to find someone to do the repairs.  We are NOT responsible for any damage to landscaping, construction material or decorating during the act of removing the hive.  Again, I say we are as tender as possible when removing a hive but we do what it necessary in order to gain access to the hive and remove it.

WARNING:  Please do NOT have or allow anyone to spray the entrance of a hive that is inside a wall or ceiling.  This seldom gets to the Queen so the hive lives on.  But what it does do it forces the hive deeper in the wall and the Queen starts producing pupa even faster thinking her hive is in jeopardy.  Also yellowjackets can chew through drywall so if you spray them… they may breach the wall and now be inside your home or building.