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Welcome! We are a family-owned business that specializes in Nuisance Jasper Wildlife Trapping & Removal! While our company started out of Johns Creek, GA we have had been serving Jasper for over 13 years. Being family-owned and operated allows us to have an owner on every job ensuring our high standards are upheld and things are done right! No matter if your pests are mice, raccoons, rats, squirrels, or anything else, we can handle it or point you in the right direction. We also specialize in sealing up your building to prevent any future issues!




All of our Standard Trapping services only require a week of trapping which includes daily trap checks. Even if it wasn’t the law, according to our license, it is the humane way to treat animals. We can quickly get them OUT!


We seal up your home. This work includes the current entry points and all of the common back-up entry points using metal & other critter-proof material. All of our exclusions come with a FREE Two (2) Year Warranty with a LIFETIME Renewable Option.


Sometimes the prevention measures involve us providing you with a list of any habitat modifications, which are things that you can change in your yard to make it less hospitable to wildlife. Other situations may call for repellent or baiting programs. We have lots of options. Just call us…


All Exterminating & Pest Control Services are highly regulated. However, each company decides the style of service, pesticides used and entire approach to the services that their company will offer. We have chosen as a family business to offer the exact services that we would feel comfortable with in our own homes. Therefore, we’ve adopted the “Integrated Pest Management Program”. Without going into a lot of detail what this means to you is that we use the minimal amount of pesticide required to eliminate the problem pests. We don’t use the maximum allowable by law. We attempt to eliminate the pests on the outside of the home BEFORE they get inside which allows us to limit or restrict the usage of pesticides inside the home until we have to come inside to deal with isolated issues as they arise. Our mindset is “less is best” as long as the pest problem is resolved which lends to a healthier air quality inside the home.

We offer the following services under the umbrella of Household Pest Control:

The most common trapping & control services that we provide in your area are: Jasper Snake Removal, Jasper Rat Trapping, Jasper Squirrel Trapping, Jasper Mole Trapping, Jasper Pest Control, Jasper Bat Control, Jasper Honeybee Hive Relocation and Jasper Hornet Nest Services.

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