Chipmunk Trapping & Chipmunk Control

Are chipmunks taking over your yard? Are there chipmunks ruining your landscaping or eating all of your garden plants? We can humanely trap and relocate them so they will never bother you again. PLEASE do not use inhumane old DIY trapping methods. It is horrible!


We charge a FLAT RATE TRAPPING FEE for One (1) week of chipmunk trapping. There is NO set up fee, NO per animal fee, NO need for an estimate or quote. The trapping fee is all inclusive: Five (5) trips out every single day to set the traps, check the traps and to relocate chipmunks trapped. It is the law in the State of Georgia that the traps are checked every single day – No exceptions. Daily trap checking is important for many reasons: 1) It’s the law, 2) Humane to the chipmunks but equally important 3) It enables us to make the most out of your trapping dollars by our Professional Wildlife Technicians having the opportunity to reposition any traps that are not productive and rebaiting if necessary.


– We have to inspect the property to determine the best trap to use and location of trap.

– We use live cage traps that are effective and humane.

– During the hot months our live traps are kept in the shade when possible and we check our traps every single day to assure the animals are subjected to the least amount of stress as possible by being in the trap. Chipmunks hold up very well in our traps!

– We release chipmunks when & where permissible by law. While taking into consideration both food supply and water source.

– Any injured chipmunks trapped are taken to a wildlife rehabilitator to be treated then released when they are ready.

– Chipmunks are diurnal (active in daytime) – so we release them only during the daylight hours so the chances of their survival are in their favor.