Affordable Wildlife Trapping & Wildlife Removal Services

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We provide HUMANE Wildlife trapping for ALL Nuisance Wildlife in North Georgia.  The wildlife control services that we offer are: Squirrel trapping, Rat trapping, Opossum trapping, Snake removal, Coyote trapping, Beaver trapping, Mouse trapping, Goose Control, Woodchuck trapping, Fox trapping, Bat removal, and complete removal (chemical-free) for honeybee hives as well as the removal or pesticide treatment of Yellowjacket hives, hornet nests and Wasp nest.  To schedule an appointment for one of our “Licensed & Insured” Wildlife Technicians to come to your property to trap & remove the animal(s) simply call:


hand removal
Hand Removal

We offer extremely affordable prices for the services of hand capturing wildlife. We do not hand capture wildlife outside or in an attic. Please refer to trapping services for those situations.

squirrel trapped
Wildlife Trapping

This is our standard trapping services which are typically one week time-frame. We only use humane traps and follow the law according to relocation. We also provide you with a No Obligation estimate to seal your home.

wildlife exclusion
Wildlife Exclusion

We offer some of the most competitive prices to seal your home although we go above & beyond with aesthetics. We keep the critters out & it looks darn good. Included in the Exclusion is a FREE 2 -Year Warranty with Lifetime Renewable Option.

Let’s talk about our growth for a minute. Southern Pest Management was formed from the expansion of Southern Wildlife Management, LLC into Pest Control.  Our business started in Johns Creek & now split in half to add a second base location in Dawsonville.  This growth was based upon our existing animal control customers saying how much they needed a PEST CONTROL company or Exterminator to provide our level of service.  If we simply apply the same principles that we used in our wildlife control business; stellar customer service, ethical practices and passion for what we do… then how could we go wrong?  Here we are – Ready to Serve!

We are family-owned & operated. There are no employees, just partners. We take pride in having some of the most affordable prices in the wildlife industry. Although our prices are extremely competitive, we still take extra measures (time-consuming and costly) for aesthetics & longevity.

We have been providing humane & affordable wildlife trapping, wildlife control & wildlife rehabilitation services for well over a decade.  Our services include daily trap checks to make the most out of your trapping dollars & habitat modification suggestions.  If the wildlife is getting inside, we also provide a free quote to provide wildlife exclusion services (sealing) to your home or building.  Now all of our exclusion services come with a FREE 2-Year warranty with an Annual Renewable Option.

We brought these exact methods & principles into the Pest Control side of our business.  With our Pest Control Services, the bottom line is that you can feel confident in knowing that we don’t just come to your house and spray the maximum allowable pesticide and walk away.  Our approach is to do a thorough inspection to identify the “target species”.  This process enables us to come up with a strategy to monitor, control and implement measures to rid you of the pests typically on the outside of your home – BEFORE the pests get inside.

Any questions give us a call!