Wildlife Trapping

Standard Wildlife Trapping is a simple one week process which includes 5 trips to set & check traps, relocation of animals, rebaiting traps. This is typical for Squirrel Trapping, Rat Trapping, Mouse TrappingPossum Trapping, Raccoon Trapping. Contrary to popular belief Bats are not trapped- they are excluded.

Advanced Wildlife Trapping is more difficult and requires a lot more time & effort on behalf of the trapper for Beaver, Coyote, Fox & Moles are always booked in two week increments. Be warned – a strick set of conditions need to be met in order for us to accept a coyote trapping job.

Here are the important considerations when hiring a trapper, all of which we do, so compare apples to apples:

  • Daily Trap Checks – (it is the law!) this makes the most out of your trapping dollars.  A trap with a critter in it is not going to catch another until it is empty and has more bait.
  • No Hidden Fees – NO per species fee, NO per animal fee, NO relocation fee, NO per trap fee. Trapping is trapping and we charge a flat rate.
  • Trapping Durations: Based upon our history of all of our trapping jobs. The standard trapping jobs go for one week and the advanced (defined above) are booked for two weeks. If a trapper says a raccoon job allows for one month of trapping with once a week trap checks – not only are they breaking the law, they are being inhumane to the (now dead) animal but you might question their trapping skills.

We are family owned & operated, third-generation trappers.  Each of the trappers are a partner in the business so they have a vested interest in how their services are performed.  We want your business!

Wildlife Trappers

Our Licensed Wildlife Trappers & Partners