Here is the bottom line – let me simplify a very complicated issue with bird control that crosses over two government agencies (Department of Natural Resources & US Fish & Wildlife) since all migratory birds & songbirds are protected.

There are only three species that we commonly deal with in our area that do NOT require a permit for us to trap & remove:  Pigeons, Starlings & English Sparrows.  ALL others have to have a permit.

woodpecker damage


We have two options when dealing with bird control , bird removal and the use of bird deterrents: Trapping & Hazing.

Trapping involves catching the birds live under a PERMIT and removing them from the property.  I am not going to candy coat this, although I am a licensed Wildlife rehabber and it goes against my typical practice to save everything… We do not release the birds.  We euthanize them.  The reason for this – Birds FLY.  So if we relocate them they will make it back to your home before we could.  Relocation is not an option and knowing that we will not take money in the case where we know in advance it is completely ineffective. Therefore, we try our best to avoid trapping and focus more on hazing measures.


We prefer BIRD HAZING which involves the use of multiple measures: physical, electronic & visual scare tactics.  Once the birds feel enough pressure they will relocate to a place where they feel more comfortable.  All hazing measures are dependent on the exact specifics of your situation. For a reasonable fee, we will come to your property to assess the situation and determine what hazing measures are required and provide you with a strategy for us to implement and costs involved. We have a long history of tremendous success with hazing measures.

Then we can implement long term bird deterrents to prevent future nesting and nuisance bird problems.


To determine if the bird in question is a migratory bird check out the list from the US Fish & Wildlife Services:

There are several steps in the process to get a permit to remove a nuisance migratory bird. We spent hours compiling the steps and links to make this less painful for the public.

 – Step 1 – 

Call the USDA Wildlife Division (706)546-5637 to start the complaint process. They will speak to you over the phone and decide whether or not your situation qualifies for intervention & to have the bird removed. If so they will provide you with FORM 37 (Fax or email).

– Step 2 –

Once you have FORM 37, Go to this link at the application for a permit through the US Fish & Wildlife Service: (Please don’t forget to complete Section E)

– Step 3 –

Make a check payable to the US Fish & Wildlife Services: $50 for residential property, $100 for business or commercial.

Mail all three (3) items: 1) FORM 37, 2) completed PERMIT APPLICATION, and 3) a check to:

US Fish & Wildlife Services
PO Box 49208
Atlanta, GA 30359

Once they issue a permit – CALL US! We can then take the necessary action allowable to remedy the situation.

We also have a similar page for Goose Control

Any questions give us a call!