Wildlife Exclusion – Animal Proofing Your Home

If you need to keep squirrels out of your attic, bats out of your gable vents or rats or any other type of critter out of your home… you are at the right place.  We can help!

gable vent exclusion before

Before Photo: Our Exclusion Work

After Photo: Same Gable Vent

After Photo: Of our exclusion work

This is a topic that I am very passionate about because oftentimes I hear of people hiring roofers or handyman to seal up a home.  This is disheartening to us when it results as an epic fail… failure to keep the widllife out.  When you hire a company that is licensed specifically for wildlife, like us, we understand the wildlife and knowing their behavior means we are able to seal up a home to keep them out.  We are not roofers or gutter guys… we cannot redirect water or keep elements out.  You do not hire us to fix your roof so do not hire a roofer to deal with wildlife.

Wildlife Exclusion Wall of Shame

Not all exclusions are the same – Here are some photos of exclusions that we were called out to repair.  I will not name names, but this is not a case of someone not being trained well or making mistakes this is blantent unethical work intentionally being performed! Amazingly most of these clients never wanted to report the bad contractors.  They surprisingly just wanted it fixed.  So the bad guys we able to continue with this behavior.


wildlife exclusion cumming

This was a job we were called out to repair. Look at the “so called” exclusion not only did they use so many materials but they still did not cover the entrance.

wildlife proofing suwanee

This was another job that we were hired to fix. Note that the wire mesh is not attached along the shingles and the wad of caulk used for no apparent reason!!!

wildlife exclusion suwanee georgia

This was posted on our wall of shame as “what not to do”. This is not how foam should be used. Not only did whoever did this NOT know what they were doing but they decided to include a garbage bag and the spray foam can in the mess. We fixed someone else’s mess regardless.


This exclusion the company fell short of the other material so there is a gap thatany squirrel or rat can fit through. Plus where are the fasteners???

squirrel exclusion photo

This is a CRAZY exclusion where the company did not have metal tall enough cover the gap so they went along the entire construction gap with metal which still allowed critters in! Pointless!

We do not do partial exclusions because time and time again it has proven to be a temporary fix and in the end the results are that you end up paying more for the entire exclusion when it is done inbits and pieces.

Wildlife Exclusion, also known as Critter Proofing a home, means using the RIGHT animal proof materials in places where critters (squirrels, flying squirrels, bats & rats) would go to gain access and application of the material is the key to our success.

While we are on your property trapping we provide you with a free estimate for the critter exclusion.  We have some of the lowest rates in our business. Not that we are racing to be the cheapest but because of our low overhead we are afforded the luxury of keeping our prices down.  That is reflected in our prices.

 These services are commonly referred to as:

  • Squirrel Exclusion, Squirrel Proofing & Squirrel Damage Repair

  • Bat Exclusion, Bat Proofing & Bat Damage Repair

  • Rat Exclusion, Rat Proofing & Rat Damage Repair

  • Raccoon Exclusion, Raccoon Proofing & Raccoon Damage Repair

  • Possum Exclusion, Possum Proofing & Possum Damage Repair