Snake Removal – Snake Control

Snake Removal


We treat all snake removal calls as an EMERGENCY CALL- 24/7. We find it easier to charge a FLAT RATE FEE to come to your property and hand catch and remove SNAKES. Our Licensed Wildlife Technicians will spend up to an hour searching for & removing any snakes they find. It does not matter if the snakes are venomous or non-venomous. We are fully licensed & heavily insured. This is the only critter that we deal with that could, if venomous, kill us. So we take it very serious.

As a value added service to the snake removal inspection the Licensed Wildlife Technician will provide you with habitat modification suggestions which will help direct you to make your yard less desirable, less hospitable to snakes and cut down on the occurrences of snake sightings or interactions.  This alone is worth the cost of the inspection.

We are tremendously successful when it comes to removing snakes and often times we find and remove more snakes than expected. But since wildlife is unpredictable if we come out (no matter the time of day or night) whether or not we find the snake we get paid for the effort.


We made a decision as a company to NOT provide these services for a couple reasons.

  1. Snake trapping requires the use of Glue Boards and since it is absolutely near impossible to remove a snake off a glue board without harming it, we have decided it is inhumane and will not utilize glue boards and therefore we do not offer trapping services.
  2. Snake deterrents such as (not to mention names) powders & sprays spread in yards we do not offer as an add-on service. We have experienced too many times that they are completely ineffective.  We have removed many snakes from yards that had so much deterrents in it that the Techs could smell the deterrent but yet the yard still had snakes.  Plus the active ingredient in most of these chemicals is Naphtha.  Visit the CDC’s Hazmat sheet on Naphthalene.

If Bitten, PLEASE CALL “911” immediately – PLEASE DO NOT CALL US!