Our Services

We are a family-owned business and we feel transparency it extremely important to our relationship with our clients. We would rather be upfront and transparent and risk losing business or potential income and have the proper expectations in place.

Our services include:

None of our trapping services are guaranteed – frankly we do not know of any trapper that does guarantee trapping. Where we stand out from the crowd is that our trapping services involve daily trap checks which are required by law (with the exception of Mouse, Rat & Mole) which if we use snap traps (lethal means) then it falls under our other licenses by the Department of Agriculture’s Structural Pest Control or L&O licenses.

We go well above & beyond the typical industry standards to exceed our client’s expectations. We are wildlife trapping experts and we always have two concerns in the forefront of our mind:

  1. Quickly get the critters out – after all that is what we are being hired to do.
  2. Keep the critters out.
  3. Being humane to all wildlife. Just because they are a nuisance does not mean we cannot get them out in a humane & professional manner.

If you have questions, we recommend making a list of them then call us any time. We would love to address each question with a direct answer.


Any questions give us a call!