Injured Animals – Wildlife Rehabilitation

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Do you have injured animal / wildlife in your yard?  We are the only Licensed Wildlife Trapping company in the State of Georgia (that we know of) that also has a licensed Wildlife Rehabber as a part of the company.  However, with that said we ONLY rehab the critters that we have removed from attics or as a result of our work to remove them we have caused the animals to be orphaned.  We do not take in animals off the street or from the public.

If we are hired to pickup the injured wildlife, we have to locate a rehabber just like you would and pickup, triage and transport. With Covid came a lack of people willing to rehab wildlife.  It is very hard to find someone that is taking in wildlife.  

We always recommend the two following locations if you are not wanting to hire someone to pick up the injured wildlife to find a rehabber and transport.

  1. AWARE: Atlanta Wildlife & Rescue Effort:  Contact Us – AWARE Wildlife Center (it is faster to fill out form than leaving voicemail)
  2. Chattahoochee Nature Center: Contact The Chattahoochee Nature Center (
  3. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources maintains the list below reflecting all of the licensed wildlife rehabbers who have opted to be on the list:

Injured Animal Pickup Services

If you are not prepared to pick up the injured animal and locate & transport to a local rehabber then you need to consider hiring a Wildlife company to pick it up and handle it all for you.  This is not a free service.

We will quote you a price over the phone, or at least a price range, based upon info provided during the call.  This is offered at a greatly reduce rate based upon the fact that it is an injured animal in need.


Any questions give us a call!